How to Maximize the Enneagram for your Business

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Have you ever noticed that each one of your employees will do the same job differently? Have you ever wondered why the team you’re on doesn’t work well together? Everyone is different, and because of that, it can be difficult to understand the needs of each employee and co-worker when it comes to being efficient and effective. 

However, understanding others has never been easier than it is right now. Based on the Enneagram’s nine personality concepts, each person falls under one of nine personality types. Overall, knowing what number each person falls under can help organizations identify their employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Five Capitals uses the Enneagram to help businesses, groups, and individuals better understand each other in order to create more efficient teams, produce more effective work, and improve the overall work culture.

To see how the Enneagram can help you understand the differences of those you work with, here’s a webinar presented by one of our coaches, Tim Urmston

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In this webinar, Tim reviews how the Enneagram assessment can help businesses understand their employees, how it can help employees understand their co-workers, and explains the strengths of each personality type. Take a look!

Understanding others is the key to opening doors. Once you start to understand someone, you will begin to increase your emotional intelligence, increase your empathy, create healthier family relationships, build stronger friendships, and cultivate happier employees and co-workers.

Would you like to know your own Enneagram personality type? Take the test to find out for yourself.

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