How to Maximize your Health through Nutrition

Coming home from a family vacation on New Year’s Day with the entire family, we got a flat tire on...

Coming home from a family vacation on New Year’s Day with the entire family, we got a flat tire on the way home from the airport. While I was frustrated, it was a nice day, so I thought, “Get out the spare and we’ll be on our way.” Unfortunately, while looking in the trunk, I remembered – this newer van doesn’t carry a spare! Thankfully, after a few phone calls, our neighbors with AAA came to the rescue.

In reflection, it was my fault, driving around like I had a spare tire, when in fact I didn’t. In many ways, this is how I can live with my own physical capital. The way I can use and abuse my body working long hours, eating too much, not keeping to my workout routine, it’s like I’m living as if I have a spare body (or life) waiting in the wings if mine happens to go flat – but the reality is, I don’t.

And you don’t either…

Here’s a previously recorded webinar done by our Five Capitals Certified Coach, Holly Cervini. This webinar will explore the concept of “Physical Capital” and how being intentional in this area can increase your productivity at work and home. If you’re unsure where your Physical Capital stands right now, this assessment will help!

Other topics explored in this webinar include:

  • Unpacking some of the latest developments in nutrition
  • How to be the architect of your own journey by crafting an individualized food protocol or eating plan
  • The #1 truth that we absolutely must accept to get our bodies to a healthy weight and remain there, especially as we age
  • How to have healthy expectations surrounding weight release and how to make sure your WHY, or reason for wanting change, is a healthy one
  • How to mobilize your brain to move towards your long term weight loss or other goals
  • How to manage urges, raising your emotional intelligence, and crafting healthy alternatives to buffering
  • And more!

So why do we live as if Walmart can just sell us another body? Lots of reasons: We feel fine most of the time, we assume bad things won’t happen to us, we don’t know where to start, the people we are around support our same bad habits, there are wounds we self-medicate, the list goes on.

However, it doesn’t mean that deciding to make a change isn’t worth it – in fact – your entire life (literally) depends on it. Any small move makes a big difference if we stick with it over time.


We offer a variety of “Physical Capital” Coaching options all designed to help you live the full life you were intended to live. Simply take the crucial small step with one of these below options – and let’s get started!

Let’s get started building the best version of you today.